Major Updates

  • Smart Selection - LightWave selection tools with smart selections are initialized with LightWave selection
  • NURBS offset algorithm improved precision of end point tangents (interpolation mode)
  • NURBS extrude algorithm improved precision when extruding NURBS surface (interpolation mode)
  • Clone Tools - instances new clone tools supporting LwCad instances
  • Clone Tools - random module new random functions included in all cloning tools
  • Clone Tools - collisions module new collision functions included in all cloning tools
  • Point Clone - new clone tool for cloning to certain point with rotation possibility
  • Line Clone - new clone tool for cloning along line,curve or spline (partially replacing Vector Clone)
  • Array Clone - completely rewritten array clone tool with new pivot and bounding modes
  • Radial Clone - completely rewritten radial clone tool
  • Surface Clone - new clone tool for cloning on polygons and nurbs surfaces (replacement for Spray Clone)
  • Uv Random - new tool for UV maps randomization
  • Snap Panel - new INST snapping parameter, snaping to important points on instances from Shape Library
  • Automatic installer - installer is able to do automatic installation even if LightWave doesnt have configuration files
  • Options Panel - new precision parameter, drawing dimensions in viewport with custom precision

Minor Updates

  • Move Snap - new clone mode triggered with holding SHIFT key (replacement for previous Vector Clone)
  • Rotate Snap - new clone mode triggered with holding SHIFT key (replacement for previous Radial Clone)
  • Mirror Tool - new clone mode, tool moved to Modify section
  • Line,Arc,Spiral,Rectangle Stair,Fence - steps count visible in viewport when step snap enabled
  • Line,Pipe,Wall,Line Stair,Line Roof,Fence - new Angle parameter, tools can adjust the angle between between last and previous last segment
  • Stair Tools - new Reduce parameter
  • Stair Tools - new Geometry Type parameter
  • Pipe, Profile - rail freeze parameter replaced with Rail Divisions parameter (polygons and NURBS mode)
  • Profile - pivot parameter is replaced with Pivot X and Pivot Y percentage parameters
  • Profile - new Keep Curves parameter
  • Offset,Round,Extrude,Profile - new Show Handles parameter, enable-disable drawing of handles in viewport
  • Extend - new Reduce option parameter, extended segment is automatically reduced with original curve
  • Convert Curves - NURBS Curve option updated to convert poly-line to nurbs curve
  • UCS grid + constraint + angle snap - updated snapping when snap event occurring on surface in perspective viewport

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