System requirements Windows

  • LightWave 3D version 9.x-11.x
  • Recommended desktop resolution 1920*1080
  • OS: Win2000, WinXP 32-64bit, Windows Vista 32-64bit, Windows 7 32-64bit

System requirements Macintosh

  • LightWave 3D version 9.x-11.x (Universal binary)
  • Recommended desktop resolution 1920*1080
  • OS: OSX 10.5 Leopard or higher

What's new

Global Changes

  • Curve Primitive Tools - updated polygon booleans (slice, drill and intersect) works in all viewports
  • - automatic switch between curve booleans and polygon booleans
  • Polygon Primitive Tools - new reduce mode option for ADD boolean mode

New Tools

  • Quad Mapper UV - new smart UV mapping tool
  • - optimized for complex building structures and infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, walls with windows and doors)
  • CurDivide - curve and line segments are divided with defined amount
  • Point Tool - add points into geometry, works with polygons and curves

Updated Tools

  • Wall Tool - new tangents mode, allows to align ends of the wall
  • - new OpenGL bool button (walls are automatically reduced)
  • Jitter - new uniform mode (all elements are moved,rotated, scaled uniformly)
  • - min max values for random mode
  • - updated pivot modes (object bottom, center,top)
  • - new restrict axis option for scale
  • - new clear button
  • Rail Clone - source pivot relative position option when using Shape Library
  • Distance tool - new total distance option
  • Line - new mode Open GL buttons
  • Pipe - new mode Open GL buttons
  • - new offset-handle mode
  • Box,Rectangle,WinDoor - updated fix mode
  • Floor - new Reduce option
  • Profiler - new Keep Curve option
  • UCS Face - new rotation handle, angle rotation option in numeric panel
  • Rectangle UV - new Constrain Proportions option
  • AXIS Snap - snap to origin

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