System requirements Windows

  • LightWave 3D version 9.x-11.x
  • Recommended desktop resolution 1920*1080
  • OS: Win2000, WinXP 32-64bit, Windows Vista 32-64bit, Windows 7 32-64bit

System requirements Macintosh

  • LightWave 3D version 9.x-11.x (Universal binary)
  • Recommended desktop resolution 1920*1080
  • OS: OSX 10.5 Leopard or higher

What's new

New Tools

  • Shingles - new automatic tool for placing customized shingle set on custom roofs
  • - complete set of shingle types, regular, slope, barge, top and connectors
  • AreaVolume - new command for quick area and volume calculation

Updated Tools

  • Add to ArchViz - new shingle shape type (11 different shingle subtypes)
  • - improved system of adding intervals
  • Box - new LIB2D option, allows drilling with 2D shape library
  • Radial Clone - new source pivot option in numeric panel
  • Vector Clone - new side option, LIB objects can be aligned to left,right or center
  • Fence - new custom height control
  • Curve Primitives - updated with INT mode. Complete set is now: OFF,ADD,SUB,CUT and INT
  • Engraver - preview rows control added to numeric panel

Global Changes

  • Polygon Boolean - completely updated algorithm, faster and cleaner results
  • Snap Panel - AXIS snap works together with ANGLE snap and constraint snap (holding CTRL key)
  • - new "Allow Edge UCS" option, UCS plane is created also on object edges
  • OpenGL buttons - enlarged size of some custom buttons

Legacy Tools

  • UCS Magnet - restored tool from previous ver. 3.61
  • Cap Hole Tool 2 - restored tool from previous ver. 3.61

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