System requirements Windows

  • LightWave 3D version 9.x
  • Minimum desktop resolution 1024*768
  • OS: Win2000, WinXP 32-64bit, Windows Vista 32-64bit, Windows 7 32-64bit

System requirements Macintosh

  • LightWave 3D version 9.x (Universal binary)
  • Minimum desktop resolution 1024*768
  • OS: OSX 10.5 Leopard or higher

What's new

Global changes

  • OpenGL buttons - new in-scene buttons for most common used options
  • UCS - several tweaks for better workflow

New tools

  • Roads - tool for creating roads
  • Road Lines - tool for converting curves into road lines
  • CrossWalk - tool for creating crosswalks
  • Arc Section - tool for creating regular and inverted polygonal pie objects
  • Thickness - tool for creating thickness on polygons

Updated tools

  • Mass Round - works also with polygons and curve segments, new group selection mode with SHIFT key
  • Mass Offset - redefined tool - works differently with polygons
  • Drag Snap -> Drag & Weight - allows to modify NURBS weights with SHIFT key
  • Curve tool- allows to modify NURBS weights with SHIFT key
  • Pipe tool- allows to modify radius with SHIFT key
  • Extrude tool - new automatic mode, recognizes which type of extrude is better for current object
  • Point tool - works also with UCS

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