Release date

  • June 2nd, 2009

System requirements

  • LightWave 3D version 9.x
  • Minimum desktop resolution 1024*768
  • Recommended desktop resolution 1280*1024
  • OS: Win2000, WinXP, WinXP-64, Windows Vista 32-64bit, MAC OSX, MAC UB

What's new

Global changes

  • UCS coordinates - all tools works with UCS coordinates when UCS defined
  • UCS automatic mode - new automatic mode behavior
  • Refined Polygon booleans - updated algorithm, flawless booleans results

New tools

  • Area - new dimension tool for area calculation, applicable to polygons or polygonal objects
  • Volume - new dimension tool for volume calculation, applicable to polygonal objects
  • Jitter - new tool for random modifications of geometry
  • Random Select - new tool for random selection
  • Random Surface - new tool for creating random surfaces
  • UCS 3pnt - fast command which creates fixed UCS plane from 3 selected points
  • LWcur To PolyLine - new tool which converts original LW curve into poly-line or two point polygons

Modified tools

  • Rail clone - redefined tool, additional two handles which defines which part of a rail curve is used
  • Mass Offset - added support for polygonal objects
  • Pipe - new offset modes which allows to drag pipes on objects with an offset
  • Vector Clone - new fast mode option
  • Fence - new adjust mode option allows to draw just last segment and new align to terrain option allows to project fence into 3d terrain
  • Pat3d Polygon - new lock offset option
  • Move Snap - start-end point controls in numeric panel

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