LWCAD 5 coming soon

I am happy to announce that LWCAD 5 is in final phase of testing and will be released soon.
We are planning to release official version within a month.


New Videos for LWCAD 5

Smart Mesh - new system of polygons and NURBS surfaces Smart Selection - introduction to new selection system Shape Library instances - how to export Shape Library instances to LightWave instances

Special pricing ending

Current special pricing will end up with official release of version 5!
Users with LWCAD 3.x have last chance to upgrade directly to LWCAD 5 with discount!
Users with LWCAD 2.x have last chance to upgrade to LWCAD 5!


Pricing until LWCAD 5 release:

LWCAD 4.51 FULL (including LWCAD 5 beta) $329 LWCAD 4.51 UPGRADE from LWCAD 2.x-3.x (including LWCAD 5 beta) $164


Pricing after LWCAD 5 release:

LWCAD 5 full $329
LWCAD 5 upgrade from LWCAD 4.x $149
LWCAD 5 upgrade from LWCAD 3.x $250

LWCAD 4.5 tutorial



Phil Nolan created new commercial tutorial for LWCAD 4.5.
This tutorial uses the LWCAD set of plugins to create an architectural visualization scene of a beach club wedding reception hall.
Starting with blueprints you will create walls, windows, doors, roofing, shingles, and more.
Finally you'll create the surrounding landscape around the building.


Link to view the tutorial, a Digital-Tutors membership is required.