LWCAD 5 progress

After long silence I would like to briefly inform you about what is going on with LWCAD 5 development.
Good news is that LWCAD 5.0 is almost completed.
This version is the biggest and most complex update in the history of LWCAD.
Core engine has been completely rewritten because of new NURBS curves and surfaces.
This caused a huge delay in current development cycle.
We are planning to release LWCAD 5 open beta until end of 2014.



LWCAD 4.51 special with free upgrade to LWCAD 5

We are starting new special LWCAD 4.51 with free upgrade to LWCAD 5!
Every user who purchase this special will receive free LWCAD 5 upgrade when it is released!
This special will be active until official LWCAD 5 release.



LWCAD 4.51 FULL + free LWCAD 5 upgrade when released $329 LWCAD 4.51 UPGRADE + free LWCAD 5 upgrade when released $164


Upgrade policy

Minimum LWCAD 2 is required for purchasing upgrade version.

Miro Kovac joined WTools3D



I am happy to announce that Miroslav Kovac, former member of Cauldron company joined our team.
Miro is responsible for next generation of Shape Library and porting LWCAD to other 3D applications.
You can welcome Miro in LightWave community and send him message to miro@wtools3d.com

Villa Tugendhat



New interesting visualization of World Heritage monument Villa Tugendhat created with LightWave and LWCAD.
Visualization is real-time 3D application. It is based on UNITY engine.
You can download free version here:
free download