LWCAD 3.1 upgrade

Download & installation


Only users with LWCAD 3.0 are eligible to download free upgrade.
Please download LWCAD 3.1 upgrade here!



Before installation please uninstall previous version:

How to uninstall LWCAD manually

Then install new version 3.1:

How to install LWCAD manually

No activation is needed when upgrading from version 3.0 to version 3.1

If you have any problems please use support


Free coupons for Larry's training


Free coupons special!

Special last from June,1st until July,30th 2009.
Each LWCAD 3.1 license is bundled with free coupon.
LWCAD 3.1 full license is bundled with $50 coupon
LWCAD 3.1 upgrade license is bundled with $30 coupon.

Coupons are bundled only with licenses purchased from 2CO on-line shop. You can use your coupons for your upgrade or new license of LWCAD v3.1 when you purchase Larry's training.".
Coupons are valid until end of the year.

More informations about Larry's training here!