LWCAD 5.0 key features

NURBS curve 2

  • new standardized NURBS curve 2 with variable knot vector
  • backward compatible with previous curve version
  • improved precision of operations like division, interpolation, approximation...
  • closed curve segments supported

Smart Mesh

  • new unified geometry system consist of polygons and NURBS surfaces
  • NURBS surfaces - closed or opened along U and V
  • flat NURBS surfaces - polygons which edges can be line or curve segments
  • supported shared topology between polygons and NURBS surfaces

Smart Edit

  • new minimalistic set of edit tools
  • complete set of edit operations compressed into few tools
  • works with smart mesh and nurbs curves at the same time
  • new build-in selection system which works also during edit phase

New Tools and Updates


  • all curve primitive tools supports curve 2
  • all polygonal primitive tools supports polygons and NURBS surfaces
  • Point Tool - updated to divide curves and Smart Mesh
  • Line Tool - updated to support interpolated curve


  • Curs To Surfs - converts curves 2 to polygons or flat NURBS surfaces
  • Surf To Curs - converts Smart Mesh to curves
  • Quads To NURBS - converts quad polygons to NURBS surfaces
  • Freeze NURBS - converts NURBS surfaces to polygons

Modify & Clone

  • all modify and clone tools updated to work with Smart Mesh and curves 2
  • Drag & Weight - updated to drag Smart Mesh and curves2 points weights and edges


  • Join,Explode,Reduce works with curves 2 and Smart Mesh
  • Loft - new skinning tool, creates blended surfaces between curves 2 and Smart Mesh
  • Patch - new patch tool, creates NURBS partches on curves 2 and Smart Mesh
  • Offset - new offset tool, updated from Offset tool and Mass Offset
  • Fillet - new tool for rounding curves corners and Smart Mest edges
  • Fillet - supports fillet,chamfer and blend operation
  • Divide - new tool for dividing curves 2 and Smart Mesh


  • all snap modes are updated to work also on curves 2 and Smart Mesh
  • NEAR - disabled pol snap on ucs in perspective viewport
  • INT - intersections between polygons edges, curves, lines, axis and projections
  • UCS grid - vew visualization of grid snap event
  • UCS grid - works on pol edges, curves, constraints,axis and projections
  • UCS grid - visualize ruler on ucs axis
  • RULER - works on curve segments, pol edges and nurbs surface edges
  • PROJ - visualize all nearest and possible projections
  • AUTO UCS - new intuitive automatic mode, aligned into left corner

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